Resilient, sustainable, equitable, cultural energy for all. 

Our mission is to produce locally owned, affordable, renewable energy
for the benefit of our members, the community, and environment.

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Meet our developers: Shake Energy Collaborative and Mana Pacific.

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Aloha Molokai, Hoʻāhu Energy Cooperative Molokai is announcing it’s first job posting! We are currently seeking a Project Coordinator who is passionate about Molokai and great at bringing people together. We are looking for an organized self-starter who is community oriented, is energy-justice at heart, and who is great with social media.


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Resilient, sustainable, equitable, culturally conscious energy for all.



Our mission is to produce locally owned, affordable, renewable energy for the benefit of our members, the community, and environment.


Hoʻāhu Energy Coop seeks interested contractors

Hoʻāhu Energy Cooperative Molokai, a new local entity formed to support community-owned energy projects, seeks interest from individuals and companies based on Molokai with qualifications relevant to energy development.





Todd Yamashita

Todd Yamashita is a fourth generation Molokai resident and father of two. Todd also serves as Molokai director of operations for Hawaii Marine Animal Response; publisher of the Molokai Dispatch; and is a Hōkūleʻa voyager. 

“The people of Molokai have a long history of advocating toward the health of our island and its people. We recognize that Molokai is a place with a unique cultural and environmental legacy linking past to present. I am honored and grateful to share the efforts of leaving future generations a Molokai that is more equitable and rich in opportunity.” 

    -Todd Yamashita    

Vice President

Lori Buchanan

Lori Buchanan is a born and raised Native Hawaiian from Molokai. She is a mother and grandmother who is passionate about environmental and cultural protection for the future generation. She currently owns and operates multiple small businesses on Molokai and serves as project coordinator for the Molokai Maui Invasive Species Committee. Lori has decades worth of professional experience in the field of environmental conservation in Hawaii and has received commendations in recognition of her work from the Governor of the State of Hawaii as well as from the County of Maui. As a passionate community advocate and volunteer, she actively participates in community issues and initiatives and has served on numerous boards and commissions including: Chair of the State Game Management Advisory Council, Chair of the Legacy Lands Conservation Commission, and Member of the State Office of Planning Marine and Coastal Zone Advisory Council, and current Chair of the Molokai Planning Commission.

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Christopher O'Brien

Christopher serves as the Director of Admin and Development for Sustainable Molokai. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science from UH Mānoa, a Juris Doctor from William S. Richardson School of Law, business administration coursework from UH West Oʻahu, and a Masters in Accounting from Shidler College of Business. He also currently serves or has served as an accountant, financial and compliance manager, and business/financial consultant to multiple nonprofits/businesses on Molokai as well as serves on a number of nonprofit boards. He brings a diverse skill set to the organizations he works with, which include business affairs, compliance, grant writing, and grant management.



Sequoya has been a Sustainability Consultant for three decades, focusing on regenerative agriculture, energy efficiency, renewable energy, innovative home design, and community development. She brings a background in economics, building sciences, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and land management, and was a prime organizer for Molokai’s 2019 Climate Resiliency Summit.

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Makena Fernandez




Shake Energy Collaborative

Shake Energy Collaborative is committed to community designed renewable energy. In pursuit of Masters research in the importance of community co-designed energy development, they began working with the Molokai people in 2018. Since then, the Hoahu Energy Cooperative has organized and works collectively with Shake Energy to manage and operate projects.

Mana Pacific is a social impact company dedicated to addressing energy and resource scarcity and climate risk in Pacific Island communities. Founded in 2019, they de-risk, finance and develop scalable island resiliency projects in Hawaii and the 22 Pacific Island Territories and countries. 

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